Our Team

Akira Ohyabu

Founder and President

Hi! I’m Akira Ohyabu.I am an eighth grader attending Castilleja School for Girls in Palo Alto, California. I am passionate about human rights, environmental causes, and social justice.. I work as a Student Advocate with Amnesty International and 350.org to make a difference. As Founder and Director of my non-profit WabiSabi, I promote cultural diplomacy and I teach English and art activism to underserved Japanese children. As Japan Liaison of One People One Cosmos, I provide free online lessons to children in astronomy in Japanese.In my free time, I enjoy reading books, playing tennis and lacrosse, and playing the piano.

Ikkei Ohyabu

Junior STEAM Project Coordinator

I’m passionate about the environmental, social justice, human right, astrophysics(especially black holes), math, computer programming, origami and soccer!